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Advice On First Machine + Accessories

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After several days of carefully browsing through the countless topics I decided to abuse the good will of the senior members in order to get specific answers/advice to my case. I will be short so I won't waste your time. Looking to move from hand-stitching to machine sewing while keeping the same "look" for new larger items impossible to handstitch. So looking to make women wallets, bags, totes etc. This would be done with heavy jeans cotton, waxed canvas, 1-2mm leather and thick thread. I chose these based on availability in my country:

- JACK JK 62682LG - enlarged hook heavy duty cylinder bed, 6mm max stitch, DPx17 #18-24 needle sizes

- JACK 550W servo motor with NPS (needle positioning system) - stitching slow and accurate is important to me

- will be sewing with 20/3 and 10/3 synthetic thread. I don't know how it translates into the 207/277 sizes

- no slanted stitches - I need a straight large stitch, large holes

I was thinking of ordering size #18/20 needles for lighter leather/fabrics and #24 for heavier 3-5mm leather. So i ordered some 135-16 system needles with D/TRI point.

Please let me know your recommendations if you think I should order different parts or needles.

Thank you!

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I managed to find my answers elsewhere so this thread can be closed now, not to crowd things up here on the forum ;-)

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