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<<Rubs hands together maniacally>> Yes, YES! I see! Wonderful, marvelous. That will do nicely!

Thanks, have a good weekend!!

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Thanks Malabar & Red Bear!

Correct on the thickness Malabar. The belt comes out to 16 oz or roughly 1/4" thick with the 2 layers of 8 oz glued and stitched. Between the leather being that thick, the cement (I use Barge or Masters, whichever I happen to grab) and the double stitching I don't bother to add any other stiffeners. The holster, as well as the mag pouch, is also 8 oz leather so it's roughly 1/4" thick where it's stitched and 1/8" at the "pockets".

Red Bear, I probably should keep better track but it's usually mixed by whatever is left int he bottle or however much will fit in the bottle I'm mixing it in. If I had to guess or wanted to replicate it I'd try 4 parts brown, 2 parts oxblood and then cut that almost in half with alcohol. That may need adjusted somewhat but it should give you a starting point.

Have a great Friday gents!


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