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Assorted Lot Of Nickel-Plated Hardware For Sale $50

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Hello everyone, my name is Matt and while I usually read here more than post here, I have some nickel-plated hardware that I'd like to sell to someone who could use it. I switched over to stainless steel hardware, so I don't have a use for this anymore, but it's all perfectly good and shouldn't go to waste!

I want to sell everything as one group, for a flat price of $50, including shipping to anywhere in the US only. It's probably worth twice that, so I'd say it's a deal!

Here's an approximate list of everything. Also see the attached pics.

4 - bags of approx 100/ea jiffy rivets, in sm and med

11 - scissor/trigger snap clips, various sizes 1"-1.5" strap

2 - 2" o-rings

2 - 1.5" o-rings

15+ - asst d-rings

6 - 1" strap slides

10+ - rectangle loops 1.5"

10 - 5/8" center bar buckles

10+ - 1/2" center bar buckles

4 - 1.25" center bar buckles

1.5" roller buckle

1" brass buckle

I'm also flexible so make me an offer if you think $50 too much.




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