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1.0 Mm Ritza 25 Tiger Thread @ $3.50, 3 Colors @ $9

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Hey folks,

I'm selling some thread through my Etsy store, trying to offer shorter lengths at reasonable prices for the folks who only need shorter lengths or to try it out.


I'm offering long lengths at good prices too. Here' what I have:

$3.5 for 10 yards

$9 for any 3 colors @ 10 yards each

$7 for 30 yards

$17 for 100 yards

Shipping is $1 for the first item, .50 cents for additional items.

I'm starting with the colors I know I'll use, but I'll add more if it seems there's demand.

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Hey Folks, after seeing a few other folks offering this stuff at slightly higher rates but with shipping included, I decided to add more length for the price to make sure I'm offering a good deal. Same prices as above, but now it's $3.5 for 15 yds, $9 for 15yds of any 3 colors, $7 for 40yds, $17 for 120 yards.

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