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Increased Length On My 1.0 Mm Ritza 25 Tiger Thread @ $3.50, 3 Colors @ $9

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Hello All,

I couldn't find an option to edit or delete my prior post, so I'm putting another here. In short, I wanted to ensure I was giving a good price on my excess ritza thread, and after a bit of poking around the web tubes I found a few other people giving comparable or slightly better rates. So I added a bunch of length to my original prices to make sure I was giving the most competitive options for ritza. Any way, the rates work out to the following:

$3.5 @ 15 yd, or 3 colors @ 15 yds each for $9

$7 for 40 yds

$17 for 120 yds


I'm open to anyone's thoughts on this pricing if it seems unreasonable from what other folks might be offering.

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