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Adler 167, Refurbished, Upgraded And Uk Based.

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Hey all,

I recently invested a great deal of time and money buying myself an industrial walking foot sewing machine - namely an Adler 167-GK-373 walking foot. However I've found it's not quite what I had in mind for my needs. Hand-stitching is for me.

As such I've decided to offer it up to you lovely people, for a good deal off what I've paid for the machine, replacement parts, upgraded motor and time to refurbish and calibrate it all.

It's an Adler 167 walking foot, made in West Germany, and has been totally cleaned inside and out. A totally solid machine, consistent stitching, reverse stitching, variable pressure foot. Brilliant machine, just not for me :)

I have also upgraded the motor to a new Servo Motor (JK-563A-1 220V 750W 1 HP SERVO MOTOR WITH NEEDLE POSITION)

It also has a new feed dog, needle plate, new feet (which I've polished) and comes with all the needles (5-6 packs), threads, clippers and spare parts from the machine that I've accumulated.

I live in Scotland and as such it kind of needs to be collected from me, but I can arrange for a courier at what I suspect is a bit of cost (£100+ I would imagine ish).

Price I'm looking for is £1100 ono.

Many thanks for looking







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Hi, Sorry for no reply yesterday. Can I ask a few questions please...

What is the thickest material you have stitched? Will it cope with 1/2" of veg tan leather?

Can you set your servo motor slow enough to easily control stitches one at a time?

Does it ever skip stitches?

I see there has been lots of wear on the foot you replaced; knowing that it is an expensive part, my concern would be that the hook may be quite worn too; have you replaced it?

Do you have many of the larger bobbins that the machine uses?



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Hi David

No problem at all

I have stitched 8mm veg tan with out a problem but I've not tried 12mm. I don't see why not but I'll give it a go tonight.

The servo motor I fitted can be controlled with the foot pedal to stitch 2-3 stitches a second, which is brilliantly controllable. Furthermore I have the needle position optional extra which allows you to tap the pedal with your heel and it'll move the needle up, or tap it with your toe and it'll do one stitch.

It's consistent in the stitches. I've never seen a skipped one.

I've not replaced the hook but I don't think it's worn. It certainly looks clean and scratch free which I assume it wouldn't be if it was being struck by the needle? I'm not enough of an authority to say I'm sorry. I've only just scratched the surface of industrial walking foots.

I have 2x 20s dark grey large bobbins, 1x 20s rust and 1x red 20s and 1x 40s red (I think - i'll confirm tonight). I also have a bunch of needle sizes and a bunch of clippers and stitch remover that I'll obviously include.

I bought this machine, refurbed it and then injured my back for 4 weeks, so it's seen little use since I refurbed it. Since getting my strength back I've not really used it, and decided to remain with hand-stitching thus the sale.

Hope this helps - if you fancy taking this in to PM then let me know.



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