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Motocross "do It In The Dirt" Belt.

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Made this up last weekend. Needed something to hold my rideing pant's up when I race VMX.. :D

My first big project with this much sewing and useing a 2nd leather piece as a lineing. Finished it in Black Antique and Tan-Kote.



Anyone have a idea of what I could have done to stop the lineing from wrinkleing when curved? I glued it with contact cement before sewing, Should I have bent it to shape immidiately after I glued it?

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Before switching the back I would glue it up first stretch the backing and I'll keep it P keep it good stretched up until the weather in till the letter would stick to the backing well enough and keep it curved until dry then I would stick and it keep it curved always until the stitch then when it was straight the back in with stretch a little bit but then when you come get it wouldn't wrinkle it was just naturally fall into place where it was glued up at in it in the first place I do that all the time with backings that I'm what kind of fool wit molding the letter and I really wedding the letter put the glue and lamination gives it the shape that's why I like to use barge cement and use it with and not as a contact cement which will be stronger but it's not going to be able to have the shaping the gluing does a ipod parts Portsmouth 40 years and I can't think of one to two times except maybe the shoes or something that I actually use it as contact cement as it was most people think that it's only contact cement I always use it what to wear and and make sure is the wrinkles around you and pulls tired or whatever has to happen to give my flaps shaping or other parts that I'm going to shave and that's what I would do

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