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I have a hand press with an assortment of dies for sale. This press is still being manufactured, so the dies are readily available. Minkus Margo sells over 50 types and sizes of dies that include dies for setting snaps, grommets, eyelets, punching holes in leather, setting rivets, setting spots aka nailheads, setting spikes, and setting lots of shapes of decorative rivets.

Allstarco also sells dies that fit this press. The brass dies listed here are from Allstarco. They are used for setting rim sets for adding crystal rhinestones to your projects. They also work great for setting spots.

This is a great press and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to add decorative elements to their projects. I am a full time professional leather worker. I bought the press and dies when I was starting out. I'm only selling it because I am investing in a larger multi feed foot press so I can work more efficiently. Here is a listing of what is included along with the retail value

Hand Press - $114

7mm die for setting spots (approximately 1/4") - $34.99

6mm die for setting rhinestone chatons - $52.99

7mm die for setting rhinestone chatons - $52.99

8mm die for setting rhinestone chatons - $52.99

10mm die for setting rhinestone chatons - $52.99

6 mm die for setting rhinestone rivets - $39.99

Brass die for SS 20 rim set rhinestones - $38

Brass die for SS 30 and SS34 rim set rhinestones - $38

Unopened bag of 300 7mm spots - $10.50

I will send along the crystal chatons that are left for you to practice with.

I will sell the whole package for $275 shipping included anywhere in the US.

I have attached an image of the press & dies and some examples of items I have made with it.





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If this is still available for sale let me know :)! I've been looking for a hand press for rim setting and would like to avoid the huge cost of getting a brand new one. 

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