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Wet Form Alligator Belly?

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Forgive my ignorance on this type of thing, but I've never worked with alligator before. I have a customer who has a belly that he'd like made into a small collection of items. Does anyone know if it is possible to wet form alligator, or if I would need to use some sort of solid piece to give the skin shape. Particularly, they are requesting some molded cigar cases. Thanks for the help!

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I almost always glue the alligator to a piece of veg tan for stability, it also will help with the wet molding. I use Renia for this kind of thing (green can, colle de cologne) with 5%-10% cross linker =C= mixed in, the cross linker is optional but I use it anyway. Don't use anything but contact cement, and only the kind with non water based solvent.

If you use Renia Aquilim 315 (no smell, water based contact cement) you really must use a cross linker =300= at 5-10% or it won't hold well when you get the sandwich wet. In other words, glue it up dry (with cross linker), let it dry a few hours or overnight, then you can wet mold it.

Take some scraps and practice first.


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