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How Is This Strap Done? Not Stitched But Finished On Both Sides. Glue?

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I need to make a lightweight strap for a small bag, and im not in love with having a raw side exposed. How is a strap like this done? It looks like its finished on both sides but no stitching. I don't know if I would want to rely on glue for such an important component..

Either way I was thinking of using either 2 layers of lightweight essex (2-3 oz) or one layer of a 4.5 oz essex.
I am a beginner so sorry if this is a silly question.


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Start with a quality piece of leather that has a smooth back. A little LIGHT sanding and a glass slicker and it will look really good. The other option is to use contact cement to hold 2 pieces together. I know you didnt want to use cement but a good contact cement along with doing a good job on the edges and you will not see a line along the edge. The contact cement will hold well and forever if you apply it correctly.


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