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My First Full Armor Build And Other Geeky Things

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Figured I would show off my first armor build. Like any armor build, its a continuous WIP. Always finding new things to either add on, tweak, improve, or do.

Armor being worn- post-65295-0-32141600-1453785611_thumb.j

Back piece when it was a WIP- post-65295-0-52199400-1453785681_thumb.j

Closeup of Helmet worn- post-65295-0-76809600-1453785621_thumb.j

Greaser Batmen lid - post-65295-0-65521500-1453785726_thumb.j

Goggles up- post-65295-0-47557700-1453785753_thumb.j

D20 with Cthulhu - post-65295-0-76822900-1453785778_thumb.j


The Cthulhu was made by a good friend of mine and given to me as a Christmas present. For those who do not really understand it, Cthulhu was an ancient creature worshiped by the occult and caused massive devastation. The D20 dice is commonly used in Tabletop gaming (think along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons) When a 1 is rolled its the least effective hit/thing you can do in the game, and when a 20 is rolled its considered a Critical roll, dealing the most damage/effect that can be dealt.

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I approve of this level of nerdery.

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Thanks all! Man, I completely forgot to be posting here. Been busy with work. Life kinda got ahead of me with family and stuff. I ment to be on here and kinda active. But now Im back!

Im actually currently re-doing some projects and updating some things. Ill have pics soon. But now, back to shenanigans and gearing up for Dragoncon!

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