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Old Manufacturers Catalogs/posters

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I recently came across pictures of several large-scale catalogs/posters from Joseph Dixon and Blanchard. I'm trying to find reprints or electronic versions.

This was posted by VEROworks on instagram. Apparently it came from a Vergez-Blanchard dealer.


The other two I came across online.

I asked about VEROworks about, but so far haven't heard back yet.

Does anyone know where I can find reproductions of these?

Thank you.



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Hi Mishkin,

I don't have information about what you ask. But take a look at this post to get some leather tools catalogs : 


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Je vous remercie bien, Dams!

I actually found, what seems like, an original Blanchard catalog (one of the ones I posted in the original message). When Sheridan Leather company was closing, they had an auction. One of the things from their pictures was the framed catalog. I tracked down a person, who hosted the auction, bid and unexpectedly won it. I'm still very excited about that purchase.

I originally thought I would scan it and post it online, but it came in professionally made frame, and I don't really want to open it up. Maybe eventually.

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