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How Long Does Burnished/coated Edge Lasts ?

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Hello Leatherworkers ,

I managed to burnish the edge quite good with dye+ glycerin then dye and wax then canvas wheel .

My question is , how long does the burnished edge last ? because when i bend it tightly the edge cracked , so i figured out the the burnishing will not work on edge of a notebook cover or passport holder were it bends .

What about the edge coat that turns out to look like plastic/rubber . how long does it last ?


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Second part first: until it cracked and falls of (or gets pulled off).

I'd like to think that an edge finished as you describe will last until the rest of the piece begins to show some of the owners characteristics. In truth if it's flexed it will crack, if it's struck it will dent and likely crack, if it's subjected to a temperature extreme it will crack. The list may continue for some number of failure modes but you get the ...

You can bend edges of items in small steps and re-burnish the corner a little at a time to keep much of the edge work intact. You can often re-burnish/repair an edge to an acceptable degree yourself-so sending a customer home with a piece of canvas and other burnishing materials and instructions can keep an edge indefinitely (some holster-makers do this).

Like so many other issues with leather, one hopes that a customer realizes the value in an item long after it's luster is dulled from hard use. Otherwise they should stick to plastics.

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I was thinking about an instructions manual today with a piece of canvas :))

Thanks for the insights , i thought my burnishing was going wrong and that it should last , what about the rubber edge coating , i think hermes , bellroy and all big names use it , how long does it last !

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