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Santa's elves sent me some goodies this year. From Clay Miller- the pieces he did for the challenges you carvers did earlier in the year. Thanks, Clay- these mean more to me than you can ever guess!




and Allan Scheiderer sent me a lovely checkbook and memo pad set. The value of my purse just shot up past the coins in the bottom!


I am honored and humbled to have these things, and so pleased that you guys thought of me for Christmas. I would love to have a little scrap piece- a doodle- off of everyone's bench. What an amazing collection that would be! Thank you guys so much!







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wow and you deserve it very nice stuff I would send A scrap but I don't know your address, not that you would want it but heck I would send it.


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I dont have anything from Allan or Bert in my collection. Here I thought Bert and I were buddies but he sends you three pieces of his work, and me, I get......... nothing. I'm jelous!! But on an up note, I did recently add a holster from Tina and a stripped horse from Yaklady to my collection :thumbsup:

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On my desk I have an oak leaf Kate carved and gave to me when LW hit 1000 members, and the oak leaves ClayB did for the challenge right before the big meltdown a year ago.

My address is

Johanna Schroer

PO Box 103

309 W. German St.

New Knoxville, OH 45871

and, Josh, I would be honored to have something of yours.


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