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Leather Belt Sizing Guide

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So right now my belts are sized to order, however I would like to offer actual sizing. That being said, obviously your pant size is not the size of the belt. 

I measure my belts from the tip of the buckle, to the hole the customer currently uses.


Is there some guide in inches to show the length from buckle to middle hole in "pants sizes" online somewhere so I can match the correct length of the belt with the pants size?


I am looking for a sizing guide for both men's pants sizes and women's pants sizes. Thanks!

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Best guide is for the buyer to measure his/her current comfortable belt according to your instructions.  Pant sizes are not consistent, so would not be an improvement.  There are several threads about this topic.  Some with pictures/diagrams that you can send to your clients.



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Jim has a great post on belts, very first pinned post in patterns and templates.

I made a "Here, put this on" belt that goes from 24" to 64."

I have the customer pick the buckle they want and put on the belt and write down the number that they cinched it to, then make that the center hole on their belt. Two holes on either side of that hole and voila, it fits. The numbers are only true to size on my vanilla buckle that I use for most everything, but the number they cinched it to is where it fits them and I make the belt to /that/ spot, then finish it as normal. Then it does not matter if they want a dinner plate or a plain center bar buckle.


(P.S.) I only make belts for people in person, no phone orders or online or Facebook. It's too crazy otherwise, customers are nuts. :)

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