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Its been  couples of years here in this platform with you folks. I can remember that when i opened this id I was doing my undergrad. Undergrad complete years ago and headed to accomplish postgraduate. And of course doing work with leather. Well, today i'm going share with you a event which is going to take place in Ashland, Oregon, USA in June 24-26, 2016. The event is "Footwear Symposium 2016".


If you are a shoemaker or footwear professional or shoelover then a huge G2G is waiting for you in there. Like previous year 2015, this year in June 24 to 26 Footwear Symposium is going to happen. Shoemaker from different location goes there in order to exchange knowledge. Show off there work and interact with different personalities. Shoe Designer find inspiration, gather knowledge and understanding about footwear making process like construction and finishing. Shoe repair expert finds repairing material source. And Shoe Making Student/Learner meet shoe expert and learn comprehensive shoe making. Everything in a row!

So why wait! You too also join there!!Website of Footwear Symposium already started registration for this year pretty soon.
You could register yourself from www.footwearsymposium.com as attendant. All other related information is there regarding to the event, Guest Lecturer, Speaker or Venue, Schedule and in details.

You could attend there demonstrate your art work also! So friends lets meet there!!!! :)


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