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Hello! Ive run across a group of Zoje brand sewing machines, one of which is a double needle post machine which I've been looking for!  I dont know anything about this brand, but I did read that someone found them similar to Adler machines, and considered them a Juki replica- anyone have any advice or information to share? Picture attached. Thanks, Erin





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I don't have any any first-hand experience using the machines, but they did have a fairly big display with a dozen or so machines on display at the recent TechProcess sewing technology trade show in Atlanta. Only a handful of aftermarket/clone manufacturers had displays there. They have their act (and website) more together than some other players in the field.

The Zoje post beds are listed here: http://www.zoje-america.com/Post_Bed/index.html

The clone that is most closely related (as in identical twin) to the Durkopp Adler post-bed machines is the Global LP2970. It rolls off the same production line at the Minerva factory in the Czech Republic as the authentic Durkopp Adler machines, but lacks some bells and whistles of the DA machines. DA apparently bought the Minerva factory from Global and they have some co-production and product-sharing arrangement.

The killer post-bed machine that I personally NEED but will never be able to afford (likely over $10K) is the reinforced version of the DA M-Type H868. This machine is so rare, the staff at the DA stand in Atlanta didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for more info on the machine.


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