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HELP WANTED: hiring leather workshop instructor SF

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We are a small leather goods shop in San Francisco, California and are currently looking for a skilled leather worker to be an instructor for our twice monthly workshops. If interested in this paid position, you can send send a cover letter, resume noting your experience and any images of your work. Applicants should be skilled, friendly and patient. 

  • Workshop size: maximum is 6 students.
  • Leather and tools provided.
  • Workshop duration: 2-3hrs depending on project. Frequency: Twice monthly.
  • Evenings during weekdays or during the day during weekends.
  • Projects will be small simple items for beginners ex. wallet, passport cover, leash and collar etc.

Please send me a message. 

My member name for leatherworker.net is: VLam

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Good day,


My member name is Mark2. I have been working in the leather field for about 6 years now. I am a graduate of  Amblard Atelier leather school in SF. I currently have my own leather studio in SF. I am interested in your teaching position and would like to discuss it more with you. I have attached some samples of my work herewith.


Best Regards


IMGP0729 (Small).JPG

IMGP0753 (Small).JPG

IMGP0755 (Small).JPG

IMGP0764 (Small).JPG

IMGP0769 (Small).JPG

IMGP0772 (Small).JPG

IMGP0488 (Small).jpg

IMGP0332 (Small).JPG

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