Bought a Singer 211U567B Need Help With Drip Pan

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Thank ya!, that was a first machine purchase for me, though wishing at auction it was a walker as Kellen found.

Back then it was cleaned up pretty well and with the top being aluminum it took a shine after paint removal.

I always keep an eye out for them 211 after doing a bit of learning with mine they are some nice smooth running machines.

Still kick myself for missing one several years ago on the internet sale place craigslist, it was couple hours away used in theatre work.

Anyway its pretty cool seeing some others on here with their machines they find. Then putting the super tune on them getting ready for work again.

Good day


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Polished huh, who'd a thought. You did a good job on it!

Yeah, I think we all kick ourselves at some time over the one that got away. I know I have, that's why the last one I just bought I didn't waste any time, hadn't been up long and once I'd confirmed it was a walking foot I grabbed it. A 1 hour drive across town (before it got too hot, but I still sweated dismantling it) but it was worth it.

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Here some picture of the Original oilpan of my 211U567B



and some more. Hope this helps.




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