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Back from the dead, FULL STEAM AHEAD!

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Well folks, been out of leatherworker and most every other hobby and craft for a few years. Family first. Long involved court battle to gain guardianship of my grandmother who is in a nursing home with dementia, father moved home from FL with tons of heart problems and passed in July, trying to maintain our home with 3 children and several pets plus renovate my father's home we inherited.


Wife is working/living 3 hours from home Tue-Fri, I'm holding down full time job as a computer repair Monkey Sat-Sunday. And as if that all wasn't enough, I decided to take my hobbies and crafts to the next level by starting my own business called "Appalachian Handcraft".

Needless to say it's been quite a wild ride for the past few years. But I finally picked up a few leather jobs. For now while I am still building skill and refining my style, I'm keeping cost to the customer low while trying to cover minimal supplies and tooling. Making what tools I can't afford to buy.

Knocking out a few axe masks, a multi-tool sheath with flashlight sheath combo,  a knife sheath, and just finished my first stitching pony. Definitely a HUGE learning curve to all these things. Making my own templates and patterns. Making due with the small tool set I have and lacking skill. I'm loving it though. Feels great to be creating again.

If you're interested in checking out the business, find it on Facebook or Instagram by searching Appalachian Handcraft and clicking the thumbs up or follow buttons. Follow along with my triumphs and disasters. Also started a website. Gallery is up, but still building a good portfolio and nothing in the store section yet. Basically it's an all-inclusive handcrafted art thing, my main focus will be old time skills like leather craft, wood craft, and eventually forging some steel. I will also refurbish tools and antiques, heirloom type things. Even the kids are getting in on the action.

Hope you guys dig it.








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Well, keep at it. It seems life is always standing in front of my bench too.

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