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40W Chinese Laser - Engrave and Cut Leather - Discuss

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Hello group,  regarding the comment about having a hard time getting one's head inside the case.....the real concern seems to be the laser reflecting off anything and in the video link provided how the alignment was way off.  I'm shopping for a laser myself but need a larger work area so I can use it for various things besides also leather.  I'll google alignment procedures done safely.  The "sunglasses" provided with some of these surely are part of the solution as well as using a lowest power setting while aligning but there certainly is possibility of injury to the eyes if the wrong mistake is made.  With a larger unit comes more potential for accidents as the cover is lifted.  Best regards, Mike

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Have a peep at these links maybe...

Face-Book Search here & plenty of movie clips....        Nova Robotics - Lasers & 3D Printers

NOTE - shipping these out of the UK will need some discussion, but is possible.




All Options Machine Title Image.jpg

Frame 5.jpg

Frame 7.jpg



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