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How to achieve this two-tone finish?

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Hello! I recently came across the work of La Geuse on DeviantArt and love her "gradient" esque finishes where the dye is darker on the edges. I used to achieve this affect on cosplay pieces before I started working with leather by applying a dark wash and wiping away, but I want to know how to get this finish using leather dye. I make armored corsets and a lot of heavy armor for SCA and would love to achieve a similar finish on my work. My confusion comes from if her finish is achieved by airbrushing on a darker color of dye on the edges (or thinning angelus paints to do this) OR if this is some form of antiquing. I am coming to leather from the cosplay world, and while my construction is pretty good I am looking to heavily improve my dyeing process. Thanks all!

Pictures are not mine, all credit to La Geuse on DeviantArt.




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Not airbrush..I already replied about that in another of this poster's thread
( at least two threads with the same post were made )..I know airbrush. Can be done with airbrush, but the effect is not quite the same around the dark edges ( unless the person using the airbrush isn't very good with one ), too "patchy"/ irregular / mottled.

Maybe a mod can merge the two threads ?

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