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Barry King, Chuck Smith, Terry Knipschield... Selling all my TOOLS, Amazing Price, All PRO quality.

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Hi guys thanks for checking my listing out!

i have a great collection of hand tools that i have collected for my use but unfortunately do to my current health reasons i must sell them all, i can not do the leather work i truly love any more, there for everything is up for grabs.

i always like the but the highest quality of tools and materials so here is the list, before you read any further you should know, it is a PACKAGE DEAL,  i  WILL NOT split anything up, because of my health reasons i simply do not have the will to do so.

according to my estimation i have SPENT about $3800 for these tools and such but i am only asking $1525 including shipping anywhere in the USA, sorry no international shipping.

i will only accept USPS money order or Paypal as a payment option.

i have not posted on Ebay yet, i wanted to give the users of this forum the first chance because i love this forum and i surely learned alot of things here and met a lot of awesome people.

please do not be shy to message me with any question you might have, thanks and take care.

P.S. if you are willing to pick them up in person and pay me in cash, i will deduct the shipping expense (abviously) and i have a large mystery box of goodies for u.


31 BARRY KING stamps, seeders, bevelers... (anything you would want from Barry King, great and super quality tools)

33 Vintage Carftsman stamps, most are not made anymore

5 HideCraft stamps

3 Craftool Edge Bevelers

1 Craftool Adjustable Groover

1 Craftool Overstitchers

Craftool Pro Modeling Tools

1 all metal Craftool Pro Modeling Styles

1/4 Craftool Pro letter stamp set in a box

Craftool Pro Model Skiving knife

1 Chuck Smith Swivel knife

1 Carfttool Swivel knife

1 Tanglefoot Swivel Knife

2 Swivel knife sharpening guides

1Tandy Leather Factory Al Stohlman Brand Poly Head Maul Medium

3 Pro edge cocobolo wooden drill burnishers

2 hand edge burnishers

1 Terry Knipschield leather knife (truly amazing knife)

1 instruction book

3 pattern books




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Looks like this is an old and sold thread.

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