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Resolene on top of Tan Kote?

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I'm wondering if anyone has successfully used Acrylic Resolene on top of Tan Kote.

The reason I'm asking is that, after I apply a 50/50(resolene water) coat on top of my tooled and dyed test project (dyed using fiebings spirit dyes), and then apply fiebings antique paste, allow to dry thoroughly, buff, and add a sealing layer of 50/50 resolene, it lifts quite a bit of the antique. I've done some research and have found that to be common, and many suggest using neatlac and tan kote combinations etc.

But I'm a creature of habit and acrylic resolene has treated me well over the years with spirit dyes, I know how it ages, it's limits etc, and I'm hesitant to change my top finish, thus I'm wondering if anyone has used tan kote to seal the antique(recommended in many topics regarding antiquing here) in combination with resolene.


Of course I will be experimenting, but it can be hard to know if something works well down the road, like the finish lifting or cracking, it may look good now and for a few months but I worry about such a combination failing





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If I remember correctly Tan kote is labeled as a thinner for antique gel, so should bond properly with it on the material, I've noticed that if you leave the antique for some days the resolene doesn't strip it so much. 

I also like to use resolene as a top coat on a lot of my stuff and have spent quite a bit of time so far trying to find the best way to put it on an antique finish - leaving it a couple of days is the best I've come up with so far.

Currently I spray the 50/50 resolene on with an airbrush or spray gun, that helps a lot.

Good luck and do post your results, I've got a couple more things to do with the same process over the next couple of weeks, I'll post some pictures.

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