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I have an amazing Juki LU-563 walking foot sewing machine for sale.  Heavy and solid cast body, made in Japan.  The entire machine was overhauled by Sloan Machinery in New Hampshire about 3 years ago.  They replaced the internal parts that had any signs of minor wear, installed a Sew Green Servo Motor, and changed the drive belt.  They also mounted it on a good sized, very sturdy table.  Mounted beside the machine is an automatic bobbin winder that runs while you sew (it’ll fill a full bobbin before you’ve used half of the one in the machine).  You can also wind bobbins when you’re not sewing.  
The machine has been meticulously maintained and is in excellent condition.  It’s always been used and stored in the climate controlled portion of the house.  Every time I use it I oil all oil points with the included sewing machine oil (all oil points are marked so you’ll never forget). 
The Juki LU-563 is a workhorse of a machine.  I used it to make leather bags and accessories, sewing up to 3 layers of 4oz leather with ease.  
I bought it for $1500 and am including a bit over $100 worth of thread, needles and spare bobbins.  They run for about $1500 on eBay in similar condition so I’m asking for $1300 cash.  I won’t ship, but I’ll gladly meet you around the Hartford, CT area.  
Please let me know if you have questions or would like more pictures - I can send as many as you'd like!
Juki LU-563
Built in Japan
Sew Green Electronic Servo Motor
Model FL-400
RPM: 0-3450
Sturdy adjustable steel frame with laminate top
Built in Peddle
Made in the USA
Adjustable ultra bright LED light

Bonded Nylon Thread

Size 138
Navy - 3 x 4oz spools (2 brand new)
Black - 1 x 4oz spool
Gold Brown  - 1 x 2oz spool
Brown - 1 x 2oz spool
Size 92
Black - 1 x 4oz spool
Size 69
Black - 2 x 4oz spool (1 brand new)
3 packs of size 23 Organ Needles
1 pack of size 22 Schmetz needles
1 pack of size 21 Groz-Beckert needles
1 pack of size 20 needles
8 Metal bobbins
EW White Diamond sewing machine oil (about 75% remaining)



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