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HEMA glove overlay

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Here's my project for today-- I am making a heavy leather over-glove to go over some lighter hockey gloves that a couple people in my longsword class use. 
Hockey gloves aren't the best protection, so if they take a good strike to the hand it HURTS. And if you are worrying about hurting your hand all the time, it's hard to fight well.
So I offered to help protect their hands better, and they thought that was a great idea! 
Here's the project so far:


This is the thumb, two pieces wet molded onto the hockey glove and then hardened by hot air blowing over them. (I set them next to the electric wall heater nearby -- not too close, but enough so an hour or so dries the leather). 

Next step:


Got the articulation point in the middle, and a nice curved dish shape, too. Here's a better view of the thumb tip:


It curves around the thumb tip very nicely!


8 to 10 oz veg tan, cut from tooling belly (I got them for a great sale price, so I don't feel bad about having to throw away a prototype that doesn't work).

Dyes are Fiebing USMC black and Fiebing red. 

This is the right thumb -- the left thumb is drying off to my left a ways. Next step is riveting, and then on to the fingers. 

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Well that is an unusual project. Keep us posted.

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