Juki DDL 553 single needle straight stitcher for sale in Toronto area, ON, Canada

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I am looking to replace this single needle straight stitcher with a similar machine which has a reverse lever, i.e. 555 or 5550. Have tons of $$ invested in needles and feet, so staying with the same model. This is why this one is for sale. When I got it, it was set up for blanket quilting with a ring foot on a quilting table top (where the machine is mounted straight in front of you, not sideways, and there is a round cut-out in front of the machine for the operator's body). Will post pictures once I get home.

Make: Juki

Model: DDL 553

Needle system: the manual lists DBx1 but I always used 16/257 size 14 - 18, tried size 20  with TEX 90 thread, and it worked as well, but YMMV.

The longest stitch is 6 SPI which is probably a bit misleading as it looks more like 5mm, the shortest is 30 SPI and it's really, really short (perfect for quality dress shirts). Adjustment is by pressing a button on top and turning the pulley.

What it does well: This is a very versatile machine which does perfect straight stitching on medium to heavy weight textiles.

What it has challenges with: climbing onto and off very thick seams on heavy denims. It may skip stitches before and after the thick part, especially if there is a simultaneous turn. I.e. if you are sewing jeans inseam, you would want to take it nice and slow. That all may be just caused by me not knowing how to properly tune the machine, but I want the buyer to be aware of anything I know about it.

It did work fine on light upholstery leather using teflon or roller foot, but again, had challenges with crossing thick seams.

Asking $100 CDN, open to reasonable offers. Prefer local pickup in Brampton or I can deliver after payment is received in the West end GTA, but shipping can be negotiated as well.

Note: only the head is for sale, no oil pan, no K legs. If you want, I can throw in a free clutch motor, of which I have a couple to choose from: one Hitachi (the faster one) and one I can't remember the make (the slower one). I can also throw in a green quilting table top in very nice condition, say for $40. If you want teflon feet, I have several for $3 a piece. Also have a medium swing-out roller foot set including throat plate and feed dog for $15. These accessories are not offered separately and only sold with the machine head.

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Correction to the ad above: now the whole rig is for sale, including the table with K-legs, your choice of motors as per above, a rather broken gooseneck lamp (coil unwinded at the bottom but still can be pointed in most directions used while stitching).

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