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US Vegtan leather producer & supplier

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Hello Everyone,

Doing a little outreach here... I did just post this in another forum so I apologize for the cross posting...

We run a tannery in New York's Hudson Valley named Pergamena Parchments & Leathers. We have been around for a very long time, tanning leather here in the US since around 1840, and going back to 1550 in Germany. We have produced many different kinds of leather throughout our history, but have been producing mainly vegtan for the last 10 years. We do cow hide, as well as goat and calf leather. We do a softer cow leather than Hermann Oak, or Wickett & Craig, but it might be suitable for some applications and we can offer it waxed, etc. I have also seen some of the goat and calf leather producers/sellers mentioned on here so I thought this might be the right place to mention that as well. We also do some deerskin. Again, all vegtan and all domestic hides, mostly from the Northeast US. We supply primarily the bookbinding trade, accessories, and handbags. If someone is also looking to buy craft leathers from Tandy or similar suppliers, we have a good supply of one offs or 2nds that we offer directly on our Etsy shop. www.etsy.com/shop/PergamenaNY   You are also welcome to check our website www.pergamena.net or call us at 845.457.3834

If you are seeing this and would like to give us a try we would welcome the sale, and the feedback on the material. As a thank you,  you can use the promo code LEATHERWORKER2018 to save %10 on your purchase.

Thanks again and I hope we can help you!

Jesse Meyer

Pergamena Parchments & Leathers

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