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Selling my small leathercraft business

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I got into leathercrafting about 2 years ago but I have gotten way too busy with school and life so I've decided to sell off my entire workshop. I will not be piecing this lot out due to my lack of time.

There's enough tools/hides to either start your own leathercraft workshop/business or add significant value to your current workshop/business.

Here are pictures of everything: https://imgur.com/a/8xy2N

Everything you see will be included (except of course the table):

-Fiebing's 32oz tan and 32oz brown dye

-Assorted other Fiebing's and Eco-Flo dyes

-Tons of assorted leather scraps (veg tan, top grain, full grain, faux-zebra, cow (with hair), etc)

-Almost new draw-gauge tool

-Assorted needles


-Rivets (brass, etc) in assorted sizes

-Buttons (brass, etc) in assorted sizes

-Different clasps and clips

-Bag of 20+ buckles

-Alphabet stamps- 1 set old-fashioned font, 1 set regular text

-Various shaped design/embossing stamps

-Various sized skiving tools, 2 smaller metal ones, 2 almost new craftool ones

-Rivet setter

-Copper rivets

-Belt buckle

-Bone tool

-Wood edging tool

-Edge painting tool

-Rotary cutter & blades

-4 set sewing punchs


-Line tool


-Some exotic wood for projects I never got to (zebra wood, etc)

-Manual and handheld hole punches

-2 corner rulers

-Tons of waxed thread (.6-.8mm mostly)

-Big ole tub of neatsfoot oil

-Liquid glycerin

-Tons of templates & entire workbook on projects to make

-Couple bars of beeswax

-Shipping envelopes

-Tons of high-end samples from Horween and Italy

-6-8sq ft of a 7-9oz veg tan shoulder

-20-22sq ft of 3-4oz horween half (bought this a while ago don't remember which one exactly it is, was going to use it for a leather briefcase)

-5-6sq ft of a 6/7oz veg tan shoulder

-20ish sq ft of a brown and white fur cowhide half

-20ish sq ft of a black and white fur cowhide half

-22-24sq ft of a 3/4oz veg tan half

-20ish sq ft of a 2/3oz veg tan half

Like I said it's been a while so my descriptions and tool names might be a little off. I'll answer any questions to the best of my abilities. I would like $1,500 for the whole lot, including shipping. I am open to hear other offers as well.

Thank you!

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where in the world are you

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I sent you a pm


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