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Guest Luna

Hi! My name is Luna, I am a sustainable accessory designer based in Berlin and I am looking for advices.

For my MA thesis, I am researching into the automotive industry and I am trying to theoretically develop a highly durable leather, able to last for multiple generations.

I am focusing my research on three key parameters: sustainable livestock, which give the best quality of hides, vegetable tanning, the most durable, firm and resistant option, and bio-based PU coating.

I know that Polyurethane coating help increasing durability, wear-resistance and UV protection on leather and is quite common in the automotive industry. However, I don't find any research paper debating PU coating applied on vegetable tanned leather.

Then, I am wondering if a really, really thin layer, perfectly manufactured and balanced on the veg-tanned leather is possible. Also, do you think that the "patina", that veg-tanned leather naturally develop while aging, will develop also with a really really thin PU coating applied on it?

I am looking forward to hearing your opinion and advices and I would love to thank you all in advance!


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Automotive leather seating and trim is virtually 100% chrome tanned, unless it is a special order, hand made, carved seat or arm rest cover. That would be the only time veg tan would be used in the "industry." Chrome tanned leather is usually color fast for a very long time (decades), as opposed to veg tan which is UV sensitive.

I moved your topic to a more appropriate forum that deals with dyes, finishes and such things.

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Hello I have downloaded this info which may help your research.  One of my

trades is auto upholstery and I have been interested in the various leathers used.

Why do european cars left in hot florida sun interiors deteriorate so quickly?

The site I showed you shows a south carolina location. I know we have

car production that of which some are exported.  Do they have to meet european

specifications.  The site specs. veg tanned only and I would like to know how durable

it is.  

I think your research will show that modern leather is corrected, thinner, more flexible, and

not as durable.  I also think 3rd world countries are making chrome finished splits

with questionable durability.   Keep in touch  tx Lynn

green hides.JPG

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