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This is a practice piece, looking closely at patterning, and stitching.
And it's green -- because I wanted to use some of my nice Angelus green dye and some Forest Green linen thread.
My brother-in-law is a Green Lantern fan, so he gets first crack at it, but if he doesn't want it, I'll find another home for it. 

I learned some important things with this project:

1) I get straighter stitch lines if I don't try to make holes in all three layers at once. I laid out the lines and (using my 3 mm stitching chisel) made the holes on the top layer only, then I marked the ends of the next line on the next layer down. I then made a nice straight line going from one set of marks to the next, and then made holes along that line. Same for third layer. 
2) Make the inner piece slightly bigger than I plan for, because trimming to fit is better than trying to get it exactly right.
3) cutting card slot pieces is exacting work. 
4) skive, skive, skive!




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I really like that green dye.  decent job on the wallet.  I find making wallets with multiple pockets, for me at least, tedious and tricky to master. 

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If you ever find it, their Jade color is nice. Looks good

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