Large Assortment of Maine Thread Company Waxed Polycord Thread. 43 rolls. 3 sizes.

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Large assortment. Received as a gift from my aunt.

I only use black and white thread generally, so wouldn't ever really use it.  (I know, I'm boring =P )

70 yards a roll. I have played around with probably about 8-10, of the rolls, but never used more than a yard at most of any of them. So, all are guaranteed to be at least 69 yards. =)  Very strong thread.
That's a lot of thread. You could use it to begin construction of the worlds largest ball of waxed polycord thread and start your very own tourist attraction!... Or just sew a million kajillion delightfully awesome handmade items and share your art with the world!

6 rolls of the .04" waxed poly thread - in top row of photos. Originally $6.60 a roll

8 rolls of the .02" waxed poly thread Originally $4.40 a roll Second row from top in pictures.

29 rolls of the .03" waxed poly thread Pretty much every color they have I think. Originally $5.94 a roll

Conversion of sizes for those used to mm-

.02" = ~0.5mm

.03" = ~0.76mm

.04" = ~1.0mm

Total paid retail.

6 rolls @.04" = $39.60

29 rolls @ .03" = $172.26

8 rolls @ .02" = $35.20

Total Paid = $247.06
Plus shipping

I'd prefer to sell as one lot.

Asking $140

Over a hundred bucks off retail!

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