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Bosal Supplies Europe/Austria

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Hi everyone,

I'm a 24 year old girl from Austria/Europe and started playing around with leather a year ago!

My resent project was a bosal - made with the book and supplies from Gail Hought, material was kangaroo leather.

I'm somewhat satisfied with the result und would like to continue learning braiding bosals, preferably I would like to stick to kangaroo for a while as I've found I was confident with braiding with it.

However, I have no idea where to get supplies here in Europe. I would also need some rawhide to build the inner core.

For all other projects where I only needed some skirting leather, I've ordered from "SoftArtLeder" https://www.softart-leder-shop.de/btc/ but they do only carry one color of kangaroo (black).

Where do you European guys order your bosal supply? Do you think I can start with some other leather types provided by SoftArtLeder for the beginning?


Any tip is highly appreciated!!


With best regards,


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Hi Christina,

I order my leather fromhttps://buyleatheronline.com/en/ ...they're in Italy. Their thick veg tan shoulders and butts are good. Their bellies are pretty good value, but you will get the odd piece that isn't perfect. I like their pig skin, too.

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As an exercise, get a quote for your leather including delivery, from Birdsall leather in Botany Bay, Australia. I have bought a fair amount from them, and never seen a bad piece. Delivery might price it out of your range, but if you don't ask, you will never know.

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I think a Bosal is a Head Stall, from ancient memory...  then I looked at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosal

so they're hackamore nosebands, that I have only seen in rawhide.

If you are using kangaroo, falconers use it for some of their products, one source in the UK is https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/the-leather-room/veg-tan-kangaroo-leather-and-other-leather-types-for-falconry.html



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