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Are these decent production saddles?

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Hello. I'm in the market for a new saddle and I'm shopping used since my budget doesn't support a brand new saddle. I've come across a few decent looking used saddles, but the brands give me pause. I know they're production saddles, but I can't find much online to tell me if they're good or bad.

The first is Irvines - I'm looking at an Irvines Association saddle. The second is Texas Saddle Co, in a wade style. I know Irvines is a great Alberta gem for the western rider, but I've never ridden in one of their saddles and I'm not sure if it's actually decent. 

As a rider, I'm fairly recreational. I have a preference for how Wades and Roping saddles sit me and while I'm not 100% sure what an association tree is, I've heard that it's quite popular and a lot of people who ride this tree like how it seats them. I've been browsing Ranch World Ads as well, but with the weak Canadian dollar, I have to basically double the USD list price to get a good idea of what it'll cost to buy and ship into Canada.


Has anyone heard, used or worked on an Irvines or Texas Saddle Co saddle? What were your thoughts?

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