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Welt Stitching for Knife Sheaths

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Hello All,

I have been playing around with trying to make a couple of  "scout" carry style knife sheaths recently like the popular Hedgehog Leatherworks sheaths and I was curious what the distance should be from the stitch line to the inside edge/side of a welt to be most effective. I normally space around 3/16 of an inch from outside edge of sheath to the stitch line/first stitch line if double stitching, but if I am using say a welt that is 3/4" wide from outside edge to inside and I am going to double stitch, what should the inside welt edge to inside stitch line be? Picture of one completed sheath below. Hope that makes sense :). Thanks.......Rory


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I usually aim for the same distance as from the finished outside edge, to the stitch line. Sort of bisecting the welt. 


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