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Assortment of Mold Guns for Sale

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For Sale: They are all Duncan Custom Aluminum mold guns unless noted, some have sight rails and some with Crimson Trace Lasers, guns are $40.00 each, $45.00  for Crimson Trace plus shipping unless marked differently.

These will be offered on a first come basis via email only NO PHONE CALLS. Most of these mold guns are  hard to get from Duncan as they cast very little today. Let me know what you want and I will let you know what the shipping will be, either Priority Mail or Flat Rate depending on how many or size of gun. You can also contact me at sales@ihlusa.com

1 x Desert Eagle (6”) 44mag

1 x Baby Eagle 4.25” with Sight Rail

1 x Diamondback 9mm

1 x Diamondback 380

1 x Diamondback 380 with Crimson Trace $45.00

1 x Caracal 3.5” (9mm)

1 x Boberg XR 9 L

1 x Boberg XR 9 S

1 x Beretta Tomcat

1 x Beretta 950

1 x Beretta 21A

1 x Bersa BP 9 C

1 x Bersa Thunder

1 x Astra A75

1 x AMT 45

1 x AMT Back Up

1 x Daewoo DH40

1 x Daewoo DP51

1 x Kel-Tec PMR 30

1 x Kel-Tec P3AT

1 x Kel-Tec P32

1 x Kel-Tec P11

1 x Kel-Tec PF9

1 x Colt 2000

1 x Heiser 45

1 x NAA G32…North American Arms

1 x NAA 380…North American Arms

1 x Makarov with Sight Rail

1 x Rohrbaugh 9mm

1 x S&W Sigma 380

1 x S&W Sigma 9mm

1 x S&W Sigma 9/40…with Sight Rail

1 x S&W Sigma 9/40 Compact…with Sight Rail

1 x S&W 99 Compact…with Sight Rail

1 x S&W 99 (9mm)…with Sight Rail

1 x S&W 99 (45ACP)…with Sight Rail

1 x S&W SD40

1 x Star PD45

1 x Star Ultastar

1 x SCCY CPX-2

1 x See-Camp

1 x Walther P22

1 x Walther P22 with compensator

1 x Walther P88 Compact

1 x Walther P88

1 x Walther P99…with Sight Rail

1 x Vektor SP1

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