Oak Leaf Light Skirting Leather for Sale 10-12 oz

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Vegetable tanned leather which is labeled skirting for sale.  Labeled 10-12 oz leather thickness. 

This side is fairly clean as can be seen in the photos.  The backside is fairly smooth.  It does show fat wrinkles and other characteristics, including some really cool looking brand marks as seen in the photo.

I have more leather than I can use right now, so I'm selling off some pieces such as this when I have the time.  Labeled asTandy item #9047-05, their price $120-$130 plus tax on the label, currently $145-$170 plus tax.

I'm no expert, but I don't see the filling that is used in some of the newer Tandy leathers to cover up scars and such, so this *may* be some of the older nicer leather.  

My price:  $115 plus shipping.  

I am also selling another side, which is a Double Shoulder 8-9 oz, photos in another listing, for $55 plus shipping.  Combine these two pieces of leather to save on shipping and save on leather:  $160 plus shipping or best offer.






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