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Saddle #7

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Hello Folks,

Been a year or two since I've been around here.  I am looking for some assistance with balance.  I have a bunch to learn yet about construction.  There are more pieces on this saddle that I did a few times and still didn't get them right, but got them close enough to live with.  So here is my questions.  Making a saddle that is built well and fits the horse and rider seems fairly straight forward.  How do you make one line up to the eye to be appealing.  I know what I like but is there has to be some rules of thumb to live by when cutting in the exterior lines that will make the front, back, top and bottom tie together well?  With the pictured saddle we were trying to keep things as tight as possible without loosing the overall balance.  I feel like the flat plate confounds things by adding an additional line to the overall view.  I certainly prefer a flat plate, especially for this saddle which will be on a bunch of colts and likely roped out of some, just feel like there was a better way to cut the lines on it.  How do you set the lines on a saddle?

Thank you,

Rob Gerbitz

Near side pic.JPG

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