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Motorcycle project - Best materials?

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I'd like to build a motorcycle tank bib. Obviously it will spend a lot of time in the weather. Rain, sun, etc. I'm thinking that Latigo would be good based on what I've read about its durability to weather. But I may want to try some tooling or stamping. So in that case how should I treat veg for this use?

Also I'm wondering what to put on the back as a liner against the painted surface. Initially I thought suede or felt, but I think that type of surface would actually capture more dirt over time and cause damage. So maybe pigskin?

I'm open to ideas.

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For what its worth, i use latigo for most of my projects. Latigo is used for horse harness and sees all weather elements. I stamp alot of latigo with lasting results. It is however difficult to tool alot of detail because you lose contrasting color. I use drum dyed latigo, its colored from the factory and colored all the way through so you can skip the dying process and the color will not bleed when wet but is mostly available in black or burgandy. The back of leather is suede...i would think you could get by without a liner for you bib. 


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Somewhere on the site there was a tutorial posted on this topic.  I don't remember the link but have some of the general information.

As far as weather proofing the process goes something like this:

1. Dye

2. Neatsfeet oil

3. Resolene (cut 50/50)

4. Pecard Motorcycle leather conditioner

5. Pecard Motorcycle leather Dressing.


The original tutorial used felt as a backing for the tank bib.

I have used felt as well as thin craft foam.

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