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Leatherwork Machinery for Sale: Fortuna, Omsa, Seiko, Consew, Juki, Typical, Schaefer, Kwik Print, etc!

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Hello! We are a small leather goods manufacturer and we are consolidating our machine inventory!  We have several industrial machines available.  All machines are in used, working condition and are sold as-is.  They have all been in use in a production facility most recently in December 2018.  Please DM me if you would like more information in regard to pricing and photos.  Please make an offer! If you are in the Twin Cities area, we would be happy to coordinate a showing for you.

Please arrange your own pick up/delivery/shipping - we have a loading dock for convenience.  Cash only.

We have the following machines for sale:

Leather Machinery

  • Fortuna 3443 Band Knife Splitter
  • United-Carr M 235 Kickpress
  • Judson L. Thomson 21. 2776 Kickpress
  • Prym Press Pneumatic Snap Setter
  • Schaefer TC 15 Topside Cementer
  • Franklin Imprinting Machines A11593041 Hot Stamper
  • Kwik Print 425 Hot Stamper
  • Central Machine 37151 Metal Cutting Band Saw
  • (x2) WSK PP-34F Pneumatic Embossing Machine
  • (x2) USM Emhart Clicker Model B
  • Brute Eastman Class 627 Table Knife
  • Royersford Excelsior No. 10 Kickpress
  • United-Carr M235 Kickpress

Sewing Machinery

  • (x3) Adler 267 Walking Foot - $900
  • Consew 206RB Walking Foot - $700
  • Consew 227R Walking Foot Cylinder Arm - $1,400
  • (x2) Juki LU-563 Walking Foot - $900
  • Juki DLN-415-4 Needle Feed, 220V - $750
  • (x5) Seiko STH-8BLD-3 Walking Foot - $900
  • (x2) Seiko LSWN-8BL-3 Walking Foot - $1,100
  • Seiko LSWN-8BL-3 Walking Foot, HEAD ONLY - $700
  • Singer 111W151 Needle Feed - $500
  • NEW - Typical GC2263V Walking Foot Cylinder Arm - $2,000

Thank you for your interest!

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where are you located

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@knslbp Moved you post to the Marketplace - for sale since you say you want to sell, not buy!  Suggest you read and comply with the Marketplace rules at https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/70-announcements/

And obviously, you need to identify where you are located, shipping info, price for each machine, etc.  It's a good idea to put your location in your profile.  This is a world-wide forum.


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How much for the fortura band knife splitter?


Thank you

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Can you send pics of the Adler 267 if you still have them?


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