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Old Clicker Dies for Sale

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I've got quite a few 3/4" high steel-rule dies I'm not currently using.  I'm open to offers on multiples besides the prices I'm listing below:

Rivet Wallet: Set $200 for the set.


Box case dies $100 Each set.  One tall, two shorter, one with snap closure 2 with straps:



Last one for now fold over knife case $250 for the set.  2 of each size (one with a punch for snaps the other without):



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More Dies:

Really just trying to move the on to a good home. Open to offers.     

Card Case: $100 for the set:


Long Wallet $75 for the set (corners don't match exactly.)


Long Wallet With punches $75 for the set (corners don't match exactly.)


A couple Bracelets $50 for both.


Mystery Braid Bracelets (middle size of square design missing one punch) $200 for all 4. 


Small Keycase $75 for the set (similar to this item:


Small Keycase $75 for the set


Long Wallet/Checkbook with card slots complete set for $150


Lighter case $50 for the die (no punches)


I've also got lots or random dies in all shapes and sizes that I'd let go at a cheap price.

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