Horween Dublin Natural Leather Needed

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Hello everyone!  I am new to the forum and I apologize in advance if this is not the correct place to post this.  I am looking for a few pieces of Horween Dublin Pull Up Veg Tanned Leather in the "Natural" color.  I used to buy the 2 sq. ft. (12" x 24") pieces from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply but they are sold out and don't know when or if they are going to be getting any more.  I have also ordered the Horween Dublin Brown Nut and English Tan from Buckle Guy but they also do not have the Horween Dublin in Natural.  Does anyone know where I can purchase some in 3-4 oz. and 6 oz?  I'm not interested in seconds at all, I want the best grade possible.

Thanks a lot and hopefully someone can help me!



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You might try contact Horween directly through or better yet call them. But you would have to buy a side I believe.

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