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Embedding a badge

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Hi All

I'm planning on a tri fold compendium style case for my iPad something like below but for some time have been mulling over how to decorate it with most of my ideas beyond my newby abilities.


I've recently come up with one concept reflecting my Scottish heritage with two layers of leather glued together with a cut out in the top layer the shape of a clan crest badge and the badge itself set into that recess. This being on the outer flap.

My problem is how do I fix the crest badge, there are several styles of crest badge with different fastenings to use as source, cufflinks, tie pin, tie slide, badge, all of these are roughly 2cm across.



Tie Pin


Tie Slide




I have no problem removing/modifying the existing fastenings on the back of the various styles but being low melting point pewter I don't have the knowledge/ability/equipment to solder anything to them and as the badge has open areas I cannot tolerate any glue squeeze out which would be immediately obvious.

The other issue I have is to keep the entire assembly minimal thickness as any excess will make that flap stick up.

So far my ideas are :-
1. Cufflink, remove the swivel pin and put the 2 remaining legs through the bottom layer of leather and fold them out although bending them may be difficult if they're steel depending on how hard the steel is as they can't be heated without affecting the pewter.
2. Tie pin, simply put the pin through the backing leather, although I feel that the badge would wobble around with only the single point support.
3. Tie slide, cut the back of the slide off but keep the front 'arms' and trap the arms between the layers of leather, with a skive to minimise the 'lump'. Probably glued and stiched to the back layer to keep it stable.

So far I'm liking option 3 but any ideas would be most welcome.

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Personally I would cut a piece of suede, . . . shape it to fit the hole.

Attach the pin(s) to the suede, . . . contact cement the suede to the bottom of the hole.

May God bless,


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I'd cut the "fitting" off then epoxy onto the top part of a chicago screw or speedy rivet.

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I would go with your idea #3 and use the arms of the slide to secure the badge in place.

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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to respond, apologies for tardy acknowledgement, I assumed the forum software would notify me of responses to my query which it didn't, I probably need to look at my preferences :-)

Dwight, interesting idea, hadn't thought of that, will give it some serious thought although I might have the suede extending between the layers (appropriately skived).

Matt, I know the facts on the strength of epoxy but murphys law (& my paranoia) tells me epoxy on non porus surfaces would let go and I'd lose the badge.

Bob, still thinking this is my preferred option, I like the mechanical 'lock'.


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