How to make travel bags and LegoOmutton cases...

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:rolleyes: I'm slowly getting out of the business and would love to pass along PATTERNS, WOOD FORMS for travel bags, legOmutton cases, cartridge bags and know how, including how to PROPERLY...sew butted seams (and never,ever believe it's a piece of cake).  It's all done for you.  Know head scratching.  No tire kickers please!  This would fit the future for a craftsperson beyond 35 years of age with an advanced skill set.  THe cost? Yes.  You need to make me an offer...but I won't break your bank acct.

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No photos of what your patterns make , no quantities, how many patterns, only 4 posts.. lot of "unknowns"..
"Mystery deal"..good luck..

btw.."pass along" usually means give away..you appear to be selling..but what, how many, that makes what, no examples, mystery deal..

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