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Balancing fore/back stitch length on a Brother LS2-B837

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Recently picked up a Brother LS2-B837-310 with auto trim and back stitch. Spec on the machine is 8mm stitch length and it came barely making it to 7mm and the back stitch is around 5mm. I removed the back stitch solenoid  and loosened any stops and ended up at a to long 11mm forwards stitch. I know on the LU-562/3  and similar you can fine tune the stitch balance by adjusting the feed regulating arm which is a bit different on this Brother.  It appears that most of everything Brother uses a set screw in also has a locating hole, essentially pinning everything in place. The bigger issue is I have two of these machines and both are showing different stitch lengths and I'd like to tidy this up.

Aesthetically equal stitches are more appealing but maybe this machine just wont allow adjustment? Or i am chasing it the wrong way?


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