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Measurement of thread tension

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I think many expirienced leatherworkers will argue, that instruments to measure thread tension is not needed. You will be able to feel and see when the right tension. And you can quite easily find out what is wrong with the tension, when problems occur.

I am not an expirenced leatherworker, and I have been using a spring dynamometer to measure thread tension. A dynamometer is an instrument to measure force. It has helped me to find problems with thread tension, and for some projects I write Down what the lower tension and upper tension should be to make a good result. When you use the same machine for different threads, it is nice to be able to get the right tension again without a lot of trials on fabric.

When I search on "tension" in this forum, then I can see, that this topic is quite often debated and people ask for help. I  recommend to Invest in a few spring dynamometers.

This issue was discussed before in this thread a year ago, so i just like to link to that:

I have now tried two kinds of instrument, and they are pictured below:


The two on the top uses an internal steel spring, that is elongated by the force. The Electronic type have a very large range with a resolution of 0.005 kg and able to measure 45 kg. I think you need two or three spring dynameters for different max forces to cover your needs. But these instruments are cheep. One issue is the variation in thread tension. I think the spring dynamometers will give you a better indication of variations than the digitale scale. The digital scale do have some time delay and averaging of the real forces. I did make a small video on the use of a spring dynamometer:

Spring dynamometers are often cheap to buy from some suppliers of equipment to physics education in school. One Chineese supplier with some different types is this: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=ecdepot&LH_PrefLoc=&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=dynamometer&_sacat=0

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As a former tech geek turned leathercrafter in retirement, this idea appeals to me. :)


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