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Restore Dexter Leather Advertising Banner - Mold?

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I have no history on this piece.  Was given to me by a co-worker that came from his parents estate.

Google search comes back with nothing, nanda, zero..........  Would love to learn more about it.

I would love to do my best to restore (rejuvenate) this piece and hang it in the shop.

At first glance it appears to be mold (maybe).  The leather is rather soft and supple.

I am not going to attempt anything until the masses have had a chance to chime in.

Thank you, Stephen





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Definitely looks like mould to me. I think it's lucky that the surface of the leather is finished, so the mould might come off easier.

I had some unfinished leather recently, with a mould coating. I managed to carefully remove that coating with methylated spirits (denatured alcohol). No hard rubbing, just wiping in small straight lines from the middle to the edge, using a clean rag that I frequently turned to a clean piece.

This appears to have also killed the spores, as the mould has not come back and now I have finished the leather.

Best of luck, please let us know what you end up doing and your results.

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