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Sewing equipment and material available for sale, suitable for leather, shoe and bag production. Majority of machines run on 220V 3Phase clutch motors, some on 110V clutch motors. Some 220V motors can be replaced with 110V without eliminating machines full features. 

Location: Wauconda, Illinois, USA. Loading dock, forklift available.


Reason for sale: semi-retirement from contract sewing manufacturing

single needle JUKI DDL 555-5, DURKOPP 277, MITSUBISHI 190, 180 cca $300.00-400.00
bartackers JUKI, SINGER, cca $250-425.00
double needle SINGERS various needle spacing 212, cca $375.00-500.00 (1/4," 3/8," 5/16." 3/4," 1,"1.5" with or without pullers)
walking foot SINGER 211G155, cca $675.00
cylinder CONSEW 227, cca $800.00
high post single needle PFAFF, cca $1,100.00
high post double needle SINGER, cca $875.00
felling UNION SPECIAL 3500, cca $2,900.00
hot gluing machine USM, cca $500.00
single head creaser AUTOMATED COMPONENTS, cca $850.00
12 needle waist elastic machine KASAI, cca $1,200.00
die punching machine WESTERN, cca $575.00
swing arm clicker USM, cca $2,900.00;  PURITANs, cca $950.00; fusing machines KING, antique outsole stitcher BO, and MUCH more

fire retardant Nomex tan thread, 
military spec garment Nomex tan tape zippers various length,
plastic or metal hardware,
thread Spun Poly 35
thread Nylon Bonded 45, 69
and much more

Please, contact for an appointment or receive pictures of individual machines: magmile  at magmilebrand dot com. Late afternoons or weekends OK. OFFERS WELCOME, QTY DISCOUNT.20180124_192325.thumb.jpg.62ff881ca37acdfee17fcb5a990fcc69.jpg

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I'm thinking that people might like to know prices of at least each of the machines ? Before making contact to view etc.

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Thank you for your suggestion. New to this site, I seem to have a trouble being able to edit the text now...

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Probably the simplest thing ( rather than try to edit your original post if you are having problems with doing so ) would be to make another post in this thread, with the prices you would like. Prices will also help weed out the "tire kickers"..you don't want to be spending time dealing with some who might think that you'd sell a machine for 10% of it's worth ( even used in manufacturing ) ..I've seen friends go through that, gets disheartening really fast..Most here know the value of machines, but will obviously still look for a bargain, but some have no idea. Another suggestion would be to take pics of each of the machines, and post them one by one ( yes , I know you have a lot of machines, but it will help* ) with asking price per machine, likewise  other items, fabrics etc..approximately how many sq ft of each type, price ..Same for any leather that you may be selling, types, prices..even zips and fasteners ( how many, what type ) how much per carton or box or gross or..you get the idea..

Lot of work, but avoids it being a "fire sale"..I think you'll make more that way..

HTH :)

*example..there are at least two people I can think of here who are interested in a large "clicker"..one of them also has expressed interest in the past for an "outsole stitcher"..

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Thank you. Just needed a bit more patience on my end before "Edit" button showed up on the screen... I have already added more information on the post. Once again, thank you for your kind advise.



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