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Calling all Glowforge Owners

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Had full access to one for several weeks. Never did see any practical applications. Still have access, but don't see any reason to go back. Spend your money as you see fit, but I think it's wasted money.

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On 1/16/2022 at 10:03 AM, Prestige593 said:

This is your second post in this thread with zero contribution. Go troll somewhere else........

I really hope you buy a GlowForge You say we who don't own one should not talk about them.Did you ever think that we did the research and talked to people that know about lasers and know that they arn't all that great. Of course the people that own them will say their great. Their not going to tell you how slow they are, How they have to wait when they shut down cause they over heated, How you have to pay top dollar to get the materials that have the coding to run the preprogrammed files.How when their internet goes down they can't work anymore, and if the company shuts down they have a paper weight. So please buy the Glowforge, so we can all say TOLD YA SO:dunno:

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