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Not a great job, but functional and comfortable to wear. I want to thank JLSleathers for the dies I got from him for cutting the pieces. Even though I do not have a press, a 2x4 and a dead blow hammer sufficed. 10 0z leather was right on the edge of thickness that my techsew will do, so the sewing is not perfect.  I think when I do it again, I may skive the edges to make sewing a little more even. I am still learning to use the sewing machine. Sewn with 207 bonded thread.


Holster 1web.jpg

Holster 2web.jpg

Holster 3web.jpg

holster 4web.jpg

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Well, it was a good effort. Consider that to be prototype 1. Please take my constructive comments in the gentle manner in which they are intended. 

The gun is sitting too high in the holster. The stitch line in front of the trigger guard needs to be lowered, at least to the point that the leading edge of the trigger is below the top of the holster. You don't want to get a shirt tail or something caught between the trigger and the holster. There is plenty of depth left on that holster. It is difficult to know how much because these guns are small, but I would say there is at least 1/2" - 1" of extra depth there. Use it. However, do not drop the gun so low that you cannot get a full firing grip on it while it is in the holster!

Also, there is no sight channel. The holster has been molded too close to the slide, behind the front sight. I use a small dowel or chop-stick, flattened on one side and taped to the slide, running from the rear of the front sight to the rear sight. This maintains an open path for the sight, when drawing the pistol. Otherwise, you may find yourself, scraping leather out of the holster with every draw.

As you mentioned, this leather is a little too thick for this project. Since this is a small gun, maybe try 7/8 oz leather next time.

Can't wait to see your next one.


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rew.jpgThat will sit in there better with 7.5 - 8 oz leather.


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